About Us

Hola, my name is Mariana Jimenez. Nací en Jalisco, Mexico y emigré a los Estados Unidos cuando tenía 6 años. I went to UC San Diego and graduated with a Bachelor's of Art in Spanish Literature in 2017. I am a proud, unapologetic, formerly undocumented mexicana who is trying to do her best to inspire and support those around me. 
Mexico has been and will forever be the biggest and most beautiful part of my identity. A lot of us, however, find ourselves stuck in the dilema que "no somos de aquí ni de allá" where we are too American to be Mexican but too Mexican to be American.This pertains to various aspects of our lives, whether it be every day interactions, the decisions we make or the clothes that we wear. 
This is the inspiration behind Shop Raíces (Roots), this is a tiendita in which you don't have to pick si eres de aquí o de allá, because in all honesty most of us are from los dos lugares and that is what makes us who we are: bright, loud, powerful, innovative personas with the blessing of having dos culturas.


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